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Product characteristics and classification of cement foam insulation board


Cement foam insulation board refers to insulation board made of foamed cement technology, cement foam insulation board, also known as foam concrete insulation board, inorganic fireproof insulation board. It is a lightweight bubble-like thermal insulation material made of ordinary Portland cement, fly ash, foaming agent, admixture, etc., which is made by compounding, stirring, foaming and cutting. Its outstanding feature is inside the concrete. form.


First, the characteristics of cement foam insulation board


    Cement foam insulation board is non-combustible material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low-carbon is a new type of material strongly promoted by the state, and its fire performance reaches A1 level. The product has high compressive strength (compared with plastic foam), low thermal conductivity, strong adhesion to concrete, consistent expansion coefficient, and the same age as the building.


    The cement foam insulation board is mainly used for roof insulation board and inner and outer wall insulation board. The bonding mortar is directly bonded with cement mortar, and it can be used as the exterior wall insulation board coating surface. It can be directly protected by waterproof anti-crack mortar and glass fiber mesh cloth. The layer can be. When affixing the tile, the wire mesh can be hanged with plastic anchor bolts, and the outer cracking mortar can be used to paste the tiles.


Product characteristics and classification of cement foam insulation board


Second, cement foam insulation board classification


    Foamed cement can be divided into physical foaming and chemical foaming according to different production methods.


    1. Physical foaming: The foaming agent is prepared into a foam by mechanical equipment, and then the foam is added to a slurry made of cement-based cementing material, aggregate, admixture, admixture and water, and mixed and stirred. Insulation board made of cast molding and curing (hereinafter referred to as foamed cement insulation board).


    2. Chemical foaming: the foaming agent is added into the slurry made of cement-based cementitious material, aggregate, admixture, admixture and water, and mixed and stirred to make it pass the chemical reaction in the mold. A heat-insulating sheet which is formed by sealing and cutting a closed pore in the interior of the slurry.